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Parent Resources

Welcome to Troop 298!

Scouting is a whole new world for many boys and their families.  We hope to make your adventure a positive one.

When you are ready to join, we will need a little paperwork from you:

  1. BSA Applications
  2. BSA Medical Forms

You will need to make a visit to our local Scout Shop to pick up a uniform and handbook for your son.   Don’t worry, the staff at the Scout Shop know what you need to get to be a member of Troop 298. Our local Scout Shop is: Bobby Lyle Billy Gamble Scout Shop located in Fairview, TX.

Address: 5600 US Hwy 75 South, Fairview, TX 75069

Google Map Directions

Or visit the Circle Ten Scout Shop for additional locations around the DFW area.

Once you have your uniform and patches (the troop will give you the 298 patch numerals), you can either sew on the patches yourself or use the sewing services at the Scout Shop.


Circle Ten Commitment to Transport

Troop 298 Medication Authorization

Troop 298 Expense

Circle Ten – Form Library

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